Monthly Wrap-up: February

In my February TBR, I listed ten books I really wanted to read. Unfortunately for past me, February was a mood reading month more than it was picking from a pre-selected list. Out of the ten books I planned on reading, I only read two: Stalking Jack the Ripper and Hunting Prince Dracula. Truthfully, I only managed these two because I started to crave a little flirty banter and mystery. (They did not disappoint!)

Out of the nine books I read this month, 11% were audiobooks, 56% ebooks, and 33% physical books. I’m so happy I was able to read more physical books in February. I miss laying in my couch for hours immersed in a world instead of reading on my phone between classes.

My goal for next month is to read at least five physical books. We shall see how that goes! In the meanwhile, enjoy my recap of this month!

Honorable Mention


1. See How They Run (Embassy Row #2) by Ally Carter star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_
2. The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_
3. Ripple by Mandy Hubbard star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_
4. Before the Fall: Departure (Embassy Row #0.4) by Ally Carter  star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_
5. The Wicker King by K. Ancrum star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_
6. Stalking Jack the Ripper (Stalking Jack the Ripper #1) by Kerri Maniscalco star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_
7. Hunting Prince Dracula (Stalking Jack the Ripper #2) by Kerri Maniscalco star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_
8. Warrior in the Wild by Tricia Levenseller star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_
9. Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) by Tahereh Mafi star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_star_icon_stylized.svg_

Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think about it?

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