Monthly TBR: January

New year, new TBRs. While I noticed that I didn’t stick to my TBR lists 80% (barely even 30% some months), I find them a lot of fun to make. I’m very much a Type A reader with a sprinkle of a mood reader. You’d think that as someone who makes TBR lists, I would have realized this much earlier but I didn’t. Once I figure out what are my peak times for reading, I think my TBR list will be more accurate of what I’ll read. Even if it isn’t, it’ll hype me and you for some amazing books!

I have big goals for this year but I figured I’d start with less than 10 books on my list.  I’m finally back in school for my last semester (part two!) and working only one part-time job. So while it’s not an easy semester, it’s definitely lighter than Fall when I worked two part-time jobs and an internship.

Anyway, back to my goals for this month. In January, I aim to read at least two ARCS for books coming out this month. I’m a little–read: a lot– behind on reviews so I hope that I can set the pace by catching up this month.

I’m continuing my Series Challenge in 2020. But for the first time, I’m choosing a middle grade series! Find out more details below.


Lucky Caller by Emma Mills

I am promised friendship, fluffy romance, drama, and the dreaded group project, most of which I love in a contemporary. Plus, look at the cover!

Jane Anonymous by Laurie Faria Stolarz 

In contrast with the contemporaries above, this one handles the topic of kidnapping and returning to one’s old life. I’m interested in this book because of its focus on the aftermath of a traumatic event, particularly in how Jane copes.


Mythic Misadventures by Carolyn Hennesy 

While cleaning up my Goodreads TBR, I came across this series, which I started to read maybe seven years ago. I’ve always been fascinated by Greek mythology, especially retellings, so I figured it was time to try to finish the series. Since each book is relatively short, I’m sure I’ll read through them quickly.


Looking forward to starting the year with some contemporaries and mythology retellings!

What are you excited to read this month?

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