Monthly TBR: March

Life is quiet and stable right now, which I’m grateful for since it’s my last semester and I’m starting to look for full-time jobs. Graduation is kind of scary but I’m glad that I have a lot of great events to look forward immediate after. Not only did I score tickets to see BTS, I’m also attending Alec Benjamin’s concert that same weekend!

Till then, I’ll just do what I can to spice up my day-to-day and this blog. For starters, this month, I have two goals: listen to at least four audiobooks and read two March ARCs.

This month, I’m also doing something super special with my Series Challenge! The special part is that I’ll be trying to do two series: Feverwake by Victoria Lee and Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan.

Now for my March TBR!


The Electric Heir by Victoria Lee

Admittedly, I haven’t actually read the Fever King– just the webtoon. But if the feelings and thoughts I already have are any indication, I need the sequel right away!

Frozen Beauty by Lexa Hillyer 

Three sisters. One dead. But did the boy-next-door really do it? What happened that night? I, for one, am intrigued in finding out.

The Lucky Ones by Liz Lawson

I was drawn to the Lucky Ones because it handled a tragic but timely topic: school shootings. Just as importantly, it seeks to explore two divergent characters’ processes of healing from tragedy.


The Fever King by Victoria Lee

While this book has been on my TBR for almost a year, it wasn’t high on my list until I started reading the webtoon. Once I caught up on the fast passes, I knew I had to know what happened next. So what better way to do that than to read the source material? Expect a bisexual Jewish Latinx main character who becomes a technopath after surviving a magical virus outbreak trying to take down the government.

Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

This #ownvoices asian-inspired YA fantasy seems to have court politics and a forbidden love– two of my favorite things!


While my TBR is short, I’m secretly plotting to read twice as much by using Spring Break to catch up. Will I or won’t I? We’ll see!

If you’re still in school, what are your spring break plans? If you’re not, what are you looking forward to this month? Let me know in the comments.

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